Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Agency Report – November 2021

Leave No Neighbour Behind!.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, our duty is to lead our families, protect our parishes, and serve our communities, remembering always that where there’s a need, there’s a Knight. Past Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson has challenged Knights to take this moment as an opportunity to “deepen our commitment to the very principles which define us: charity, unity and fraternity.”

Knights of Columbus Order-wide are encouraged to serve and sacrifice for those around us. Many, including in our own councils and parishes, are isolated and alone in quarantine. Food banks, blood centers, and other essential services have been depleted of their vital supplies. There are many people and places that require urgent help. As we look to the coming months, the Knights of Columbus will be at the forefront of helping their communities recover from this pandemic.

The Leave No Neighbour Behind program has been temporarily added as the ninth community category option in the Faith in Action model. Leave No Neighbor Behind will count as a Featured program for the 2020 – 2021 Fraternal year Columbian Award.

Featured Program requirements for this program are as follows:

Knights are encouraged to engage in five types of service activities:

  1. Support Your Brother Knights
    2. Support Your Parish
    3. Support Your Community
    4. Feed the Hungry
    5. Participate in Blood Drives

Where you see opportunities to do more, you are encouraged to do so, always mindful of guidelines and suggested procedures from national and local health experts. Abide by social distancing and self-quarantine where applicable. Do not put yourself or others at risk of infection

Above all else, remember your duty as a Knight of Columbus. When crisis strikes, we respond with care, compassion and charity. It is time for all of us to answer the call – and leave no neighbour behind.

Guidance on Safety

For your sake, that of your family, and the entire community, you need to consider your own safety first. Leave your home only when necessary. Those who are at higher risk or who live with people at higher risk (such as people over 60 years old, who are ill, who have pre-existing conditions, etc.) should avoid going out in public for any reason. Additionally, participants should strive to limit direct contact with other members, as much as possible

Vivat Jesus

Mark Lewans

Mark Lewans
General Agent

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