Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Agency Report – August 2021

Some events are the harbinger of the change in seasons: swallows returning to Capistrano, opening day for major league baseball, kids getting out of school for summer vacation (and then school shopping in August!), football season in the early summer with Thanksgiving and Halloween and finally ending the year with a Christmas celebration.

One harbinger of September that has been like clockwork over the past number of years is our Knights of Columbus Fraternal Survey. It’s my chance to stay in touch with you, see what’s changed in your life and let you know I am here to be of service.

Just like last year, the survey can be completed online; simple, fast and confidential.
I’m sure that as you look through the survey you might find a block to check; a subject you’d like some information on. Maybe you’ve been thinking about your life insurance and other benefits at work…are they adequate? Do I get to keep my group life insurance when I move to another job? Maybe you’re thinking about a relative that’s had a long-term care event and all the agony and worry that entails. Maybe it’s time to get serious about retirement.

Perhaps you have some products and you need service—a change of beneficiary or owner…or maybe you’ve moved and we need to update your contact information. Any of these can be addressed if you complete the survey.

In my travels around the area, I often run into people who know the Knights of Columbus from our good works in the parish or community, our disaster response, support for Special Olympics and our pro-life efforts. But very few of them know that we are a life insurance company…and we make no bones about that. After all Fr. McGivney saw that protecting our families was one of the two key reasons he brought those New Haven men together in the basement of St. Mary’s in1882.

“No doubt Father McGivney was motivated by the wish to keep young Catholics from entering the ranks of condemned secret societies and by the need to protect families during sickness and death.” (Faith and Fraternalism, The History of the Knights of Columbus 1882-1982; Christopher J. Kauffman, pg.17)

Unite men of faith and protect our families. Our Order has been faithful to that mission for 139 years. With the beatification of Blessed Michael McGivney I feel a renewed zeal to invite men to join the Order to reap those benefits of Unity, Charity and Fraternity. I am just as zealous to help protect Catholic families. Tempus fugit, memento mori!

Vivat Jesus!

Mark Lewans

Mark Lewans
General Agent

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