Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Agency Report – August 2020


“Whether at home or abroad, charity is our Order’s first principle and the basis for all we do as brother Knights.” – Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

One hundred percent of your donation goes directly to support the Knights of Columbus charitable cause of your choice.

All fees and expenses associated with Knights of Columbus Charities, such as operating and administration costs, are covered by the Knights of Columbus. Whatever cause you contribute to — providing a child the gift of warmth, advocating for a culture of life, giving persecuted religious minorities food and medical care or helping rebuild after natural disasters — every penny you donate goes directly to your chosen charity.

Together, we will make a difference. This is our path and our faith leads the way.

New Life Insurance Product

Protector Universal Life-Guaranteed Product Offers Affordability and Flexibility

This product provides affordable guaranteed lifetime coverage*, flexible premium payment options, and a low-cost guaranteed death benefit* that will ensure future obligations are met. The benefit protection includes a Lapse Protection Rider, as well.

While guaranteeing death benefit coverage*, the Protector NLG Universal Life insurance product features flexibility in premium payment ability: from allowing shorter payment periods; the stopping and re-starting of premium payments; to the ability to lower premiums by paying up to age 100. A Lapse Protection Rider is automatically attached at issue and can ensure lifetime death benefit protection as long as this rider is active.

“Protector NLG Universal Life is a niche product designed for those approaching or above retirement age, who do not need a traditional whole life contract with cash value accumulation but want to ensure that they have affordable death benefit coverage for their entire lifetime.”


Protector NLG Universal Life is available for purchase in Canada for individuals between 50 and 80 years old.

Lewans Agency Guidelines for personal visits during the Covid-19 pandemic

The vision of our founder, the Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney, was to protect Catholic families in times of need. As we navigate through these challenging times and look to continue that mission, the Saskatchewan Knights of Columbus Agency through its dedicated agents, have implemented the following Best Practices to ensure your safety as we strive to meet the needs of our members and their families.

  1. As always, appointments will be pre-arranged beforehand and confirmed.
  2. Upon arrival at your residence, the field agent will call to notify his arrival so as to be met at the door to limit contact with any doorbells or surfaces. Foot-wear will remain outside of the house for further safety.
  3. The field agent will maintain a 2-metre distance from you and your family. Meeting at the kitchen table or similar venue will facilitate this.
  4. The field agent with avoid touching any surfaces when at all possible.
  5. The field agent will use hand sanitizer prior to entering your home and prior to starting the meeting.
  6. Sorry but we won’t shake hands; even elbow pumps are a little too close.
  7. The field agent will have his own pen, and may you please have your own. No sharing pens!
  8. When required, quotes will be sent electronically ahead of time in order to facilitate a more timely discussion and follow up questions. Please print off a copy of the illustration for easy review.
  9. The field agent will graciously decline having a coffee or other beverage.
  10. The field agent will not ask to use your washroom.
  11. The application process can be handled electronically and signed as such.
  12. In the days leading up to your appointment, if you have shown ANY signs of Covid-19, please reschedule your appointment. The field agent will reciprocate. A meeting by Skype can be arranged as an alternative.
  13. In the days leading up to your appointment, if you have been around anyone who has shown ANY signs of Covid-19, please reschedule your appointment. The field agent will reciprocate. A meeting by Skype can be arranged as an alternative.
  14. In the 2 weeks prior to your appointment, if you have been outside of Saskatchewan for any reason, please reschedule your appointment. A meeting by Skype can be arranged as an alternative.
  15. If requested, the field agent will wear a mask during the meeting.
  16. After the meeting please clean your table and wash your hands as per provincial guidelines.
Mark Lewans

Mark Lewans
General Agent


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