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Fraternal Benefits Event – September 29 & October 6 – Re: Joe Jordan

As you have probably heard the General Agents across Canada are sponsoring a Fraternal Benefits Event (FBE) for all the councils on Wed, Sept 29 featuring renowned speaker Joe Jordan.  I am enclosing some marketing material and the registration link to be passed around through the state board and hopefully the DDs and down the line.  Also attached are posters that encapsulate the info. 

Joe Jordan Sept 29

Click here to download the September 29 poster.

Joe Jordan — October 6

Click here to download the October 6 poster.

**PLEASE NOTE the times for each session.  September 29 will be a live session at 5 PM Sask time since we must accommodate all jurisdictions in Canada.  Not the most attractive time, however, we are doing a rebroadcast the following Wednesday, October 6 at 7 PM Sask time.  This will most likely be more beneficial to those of us in Saskatchewan.

Here is the link to register:


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