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insure your life for life

We offer a variety of life insurance products, including Single Premium Whole Life (SPWL) Single Premium Whole Life RRSP, Whole Life and Competitive Term. We also offer specialty products like Survivorship Universal Life and blended plan called the Discoverer. Whether you need mortgage protection, debt reduction, income replacement, or estate planning, we offer superior products to protect our members and their families. 


protect your assets; prepare for the future

Long Term Care insurance can pay for your care when you can no longer care for yourself. This benefit can assist you whether you wish to stay in your own home or receive care in a Long Term Care facility or an Assisted Living facility. Long Term Care insurance covers services generally not covered by health insurance or OHIP and allows you to receive quality care for your extended medical needs.


shield your income from illness and injury

Is your most important financial asset protected? Most people think their house is their most valuable asset, but, in reality, it’s their ability to earn a paycheck; without this, all other assets are in jeopardy. What would you do if you lost your ability to work? Income Armor® from the Knights of Columbus can pick up where your paycheck left off. The Knights of Columbus offers a broad spectrum plan that is suited for most insurable occupations.


retirement income you can count on

Your principle is guaranteed with your simple and secure annuity products. Annuities provide long-term accumulation of wealth specifically designed for retirement. Knights of Columbus invests in ethical vehicles that generate competitive rates while assuring the absolute safety of your retirement nest egg. Whether saving for retirement or moving volatile funds into ‘safer waters’, we offer programs that will help you achieve your financial goals.


& full needs analysis

As a Member of the Knights of Columbus, you are entitled to meet with your very own Field Agent to discuss your financial situation and how the Order can assist you and your family to plan for the future. We perform a full needs analysis using Profiles and Forecaster software to map out your current and future needs. These services are complimentary to Members and their spouses. Contact us today to meet with your Field Agent.


Call us today to meet your very own Agent with the Knights of Columbus. We look forward to finding out how we can best help you to achieve all your financial goals through our wide range of products. Help protect your family and discover the value of insurance by brother Knights for brother Knights.




Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with consistently high quality service. We are all passionately committed to serving our fellow members and their families.

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Mark J Lewans, FIC, CPCA, CFP, CLU
General Agent
Office  306-949-0270
Fax  306-949-1401
[email protected]

Joel Buchinski, MDRT
Field Agent
Office 306-764-7400
Fax 306-764-7401
[email protected]

Blair Carruthers, CPCA, FIC, MDRT
Field Agent
Office 306-260-4009
Cell 306-260-4009
[email protected]


Future Field Agent

Quinn Dobmeier, FIC, CPCA
Field Agent
Office 306-241-6855
[email protected] 

Kevin Philip, FIC, MDRT
Field Agent
Office 306-527-2647
[email protected]   

     Warren Poncsak, FIC, CPCA
Field Agent
Office 306-530-8224
Cell 306-530-8224
[email protected]

Ian Rana, CPCA, MDRT, BA (Philosophy)
Field Agent
Office 306-260-4139
Cell 306-260-4139
[email protected] 

Terry Ruf, FIC, CPCA, MDRT
Field Agent
Office 306-621-3154
[email protected]


Future Field Agent

Click on Agent's picture to see Councils he services.


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